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Sunday, 15 January 2017


Sort of - we've just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, so not THAT sort
of 'fixed up'!
This one is my scrap room.
Yup, said bedroom of son who is MIA [working OS] has been partially
seconded for a Good Cause. AKA my scrappy space.
I went away for 4 days to visit my BFF & came home to it almost finished.
Shame it's been so hot. Poor Tom slaved and laboured under difficult
Then when I came home I sweated it out doing some painting and varnishing.
Spent a WHOLE day re-figuring out where I wanted stuff, & I'm [almost]
embarrassed to say I've got more room than I need.
So I even made some 'pretty' shelves with decorations.
HOLD ME UP! It's a miracle!
This is not a 'fancy' scrap space. I've never been to Ikea.
Nothing matches & the floor is the concrete garage floor, oil spills
& all. This is the way we roll here.
Doesn't make my room[s] any less functional;)
So - how to show you. I think I'll try and find a 'before' & 'after'
shot....think that's best. Orf we go, folks:)
Originally my table was against the adjoining door between the front and back
of what was the whole garage; it was then converted into
2 bedrooms for my sons.
Tom had put up those shelves for my inks & punches years ago & they worked a treat.
Of course, I had to move away from the door. My request was to have EXACTLY
the same configuration in front of my table, & to the Left [see above photo]
as was here. It worked so well, I didn't want it different...
Shelves gone & door cleaned up. The dresser was moved from the wall where you can
just see the table has been shifted. Lots of swapsies whilst I was being fixed up!!!
And this is this wall FINISHED!!!!
Lazy bones decided it was easier to throw up some LOs onto the door for
both decoration [we need to SEE & ENJOY what we scrap, surely?!!]
and this has the added bonus of covering up most of the red bits.
The rest I'm describing as 'shabby chic'.
To the right of the dresser are now my 'mirrored' shelves like on my other wall.
Closer before:
We just popped the shelves that were on the wall there to get an idea.
That's not really 'we'. That's TOM!
Happy, happy, happy! My hubby did GOOOD!!!
Closer of the 'bespoke' [love that word!!] shelves for my punches etc:
And the corner shelves that have been put in, they are just perfect.
Best of all is the sort of long narrow shelves -they're my fave &
my 'must haves'. SO now I have 3 instead of 2 - air punch 'yes' to that;)
I even have a place for my hand towel! First time for everything.
Further along from the table, Tom added some more bench, so it runs
right the length of the room. Plenty of space for my Lazy Susan.
Apologies to Susan!
Lots and lots of shelves above the table & room for stuff below.
I didn't alter my little chest by the door, but you will notice I had a towel
rail for my paint stuff, that I'm using for displaying bits I've been given.
Lateral thinking is not my strong point, but I reckon it works nicely!
And back, past that chest of drawers to my door:
That big bank of shelves is still a 'work in progress' - apart from my
Albums, which will be there forever...but I do now have room on some shelves to
get all fancy pancie.....well, for me, anyways!
Now, taking a few steps back, back to the door to this room, here is
what it looks like with the joining door open [the shelf above is hidden in the left]:
Don't squint too hard. Yes, they ARE fishing rods. Some things are verbatim.
Removal on the fear of Death. My family are 'fishers'; the rods must stay!!!
Tim's room before:
I've got some shelves by the window there. And nothing much to
put in them YET..so I made them pretty. Before the dust and cockroaches
decide it's probably too neat a home not to use!
After with the door between open:
Close ups of the pretties:
 Mum gave me that pretty hessian & lace. It was from a $2 shop & I don't
want to use anymore of it!
The other thing is that Tim's room has a basin! YAY!
From this [which is at the top of the page]
To this:
YES! More shelves on the wall and my electrical bits HUNG UP! And Tim's
bench now houses my sewing machine & my Brother Scan'n'Cut is easily
I did leave most of his stuff in the drawers, since I didn't need them. Good Mum
that I am.
I also have a MM / painting area!
Before. Tim had painted the cupboards years ago:

A new wide bench with some old laminate top we had from when we'd
done our kitchen up, & a splash of white paint. It's going to get filthy anyways-
paint and gesso and ink sprays will see to that;)

And that's about the end of the journey....
Sorry about the overload of photos. No, not really, I'm not really sorry.
I've actually had a blast writing this & am so happy with my space that in
a little over 2 & 1/2 hours today I made up 8 stencilled, texture paste-y backgrounds
and actually created 2 pages.
Here is one:
Next time I'm coming back with some 'tricks and tips' I used to create it.
I figured that might be a bit of fun, since I'm not doing challenges or anything else
Thanks for joining me today.
Take care now, especially if you're in Aussie & you're in The Heat!
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Saturday, 7 January 2017


...in action. Missing challenges. Missing deadlines & designing for my DT's...missing blogging...
sort of. Not really. Not enough to push me into doing something about it.
I have these little plans, you see. That keep me busy & motivated.
I've been thinking about trying to video my December Daily.
I spent a whole day in the craft room, with my iPhone & took a heap of films.
And in the end, I decided it simply is not for me.
I love the chatting bit, but I can't seem to do the technical bit very well.
At all.
Oh well. If I could be BOTHERED getting the big camera & proper stand out...
But I'm a lazy sod, as you know.
I'm back doing happy mail. Cos it makes me...HAPPY!
I did one for a friend. She hasn't got it yet....but I hope it makes her...HAPPY!
That is the inside.
I made one for a post Christmas swap. But forgot to take photos!
It's headed for the USA, as part of the FB group I'm in.
Then that got me thinking about Christmas just as some post-season bits arrived
from Mitra P.
So....I'm in the middle of making a decoration with the box she sent all the yummies in!
It's not finished yet, but so far:
The other thing is we're having a bit of scrap room expansion.
See, I'm in one end of the garage [ex-son's bedroom I nicked as soon as he moved out!]
The Younger Son is in the other end. Except he's been OS working 'forever' & he IS
28 [almost]. So, I'm taking over most of his end.  There'll still be a bed...
That internal door will open, eventually [it's covered in shelves with ink pads etc on
the other side atm!]
To the right, beside the window, is the external door.
This room has a BASIN. So I can use that instead of getting wet using the outside
Getting wet atm is not so bad. Can I just say, to Margy M & Helen W.... FEELING for
you today. Just saw the forecast. Wilting. Over 40C [104F!]... & almost as hot overnight.
That's pretty hot. Understatement...

so the last thing I wanted to share is a couple of my PL pages from December
that I've started.
Decided to do a smaller insert, then a larger one. This is the last pages before I
need to start a new album. I've squeezed 2015 & 2016 into ONE album. But if I scrap
for another 10 years, even, that's another FIVE albums. They're 12x12. That's a LOT!
I ADORE doing PL. But I don't know. That's a lot of albums....still, I'll have
my new room I guess??!!!
Sorry for the not so hot photos. Lazy with the iPhone again! And the
plastic pockets don't help...
LOL! I do love the Gilmore Girls!!! Still enjoying using my COLLECT app
on my phone to choose photos & journal as I go during the month.
Makes creating my PL a breeze...
The only thing I found with doing my December Daily, is that it 'copies' what
I've put in my PL. But in a lot more detail, of course. Still, it doesn't worry
me enough to not do either of them!
I'm onto using Old Stash this year. I'm getting the KITAHOLIC KITS for a bit, as a treat
for not buying any new stuff. Hmmmnnnnn....... that's a bit like saying you're going on
a diet & your reward for not eating sweets is a lemon tart I guess. Oh well.....
Sooo, that left hand 'friends' sticker is Very Old & my PL cards are Old. The stars are old.
Me & my friend are old[ish!].
The washi tape is new!
The 'shine bright' WAS a PL card,
given to me from Happy Mail & I punched the saying out of the centre.
This year I'm also not going to be afraid to Cut Stuff Up & throw the rest out.
Let's see how we go!
Sorry for the rambling post, but now I fee free to write
how I like. NO obligations or duties.
I'm cheerfully chomping on brown bread with vegemite for breakfast [in bed!] this
morning, the dog at my feet. It's a nice relaxed start to our day.
Yesterday, I had the youngest grand boy and eldest overnight. I am blessed they both
slept right through the night. But I'd forgotten how full-on babies are!
Lucas & I still managed to make some cupcakes. I'd forgotten how much babies sleep,
Might have been some fishing, kayaking & "just getting down in the water fully clothed
what else", sort of fun happening!!"
Mr Blue eyes can't get left out:
Wish I had skin like that!!
On that note...have a good one! Hope you get scrappy. Think I'll be packing up my room:)
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Sunday, 1 January 2017


Oh my gosh. I do believe my life is flashing by in the blinking of my eye!
This month is a case in point.
ANYWAYS, I have managed to FINISH my DD
Here's a little of what I got up to.
For more detail head HERE.
For Christmas Day
I was able to use some plastic sleeves that were part of the little
book I picked up at the Op Shop.
And I used colour.
It WAS Christmas, after all.
Here's a couple of photos I didn't include in my
post just for you!
I stamped & heat embossed that little 'cheers' tag.... these cupcakes
 were to DIE for! Luckily there were some left over,
so I'm eating them slowly. They're salted caramel inside,
with a gooey centre. DROOL!! 
It was a GREAT Christmas Day.
I think the photos above reflect that!
Very relaxed:)
Used both my Becky Higgins' Project Life App &
Little Moments in tandem
to create the collages & the writing on the photos.
Worked well!
Tom & I had a wedding anniversary!
And it has been really REALLY HOT here.
Like, one night it was 26C OVERNIGHT.
Crazy... btw. That 'h' alpha is not an 'h'.
Would you expect otherwise?
It's a Q turned upside down & cut up...
I even managed to get my youngest son, in Bermuda,
 to send a NICE photo of him with his GF who is visiting atm.
To see that, I'm afraid it's OFF TO LET'S DECEMBER DAILY
with you, LOL!!;)

I'll leave you with Tom's Christmas shirt, & Wally,
on Christmas Day. He got it for $5 from the Salvation Army
Op Shop & thought it would be perfect for an Aussie Chrissy Day.
What do you think?
LOL! Personally, I think it looks more Hawaiian style!
Anyway, it's bye from me as we say hello to 2017.

Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 28 December 2016


I'm still going along quite nicely with my DD.
It's not a hassle. In fact, I'm really
enjoying it.
The only thing is it's so labour intensive that
I find I'm not doing much other scrapping.
So a month will be long enough!
Can't wait to get back to 'normal' scrapping ;)
ANYWAYS, here's a teaser for my LET'S DECEMBER DAILY POST:
I used some ephemera from a Chrissy pressy on a page:
And created a 'flip' of kinds.
Details on the blog!
And I had Ollie on a Friday, so
naturally he got to star on a page!!!

We had a lovely Christmas Day with the family.
I hope you-all did too.
And now we look forward to 2017, I guess!
I'm popping in 4 pages here I did when I was away with
my scrappy mates.
I've used a Kaiser Craft range of papers,
that are all similar but different, if that makes sense:
These are all fairly flat pages, for Lucas's album:
Last one:
Hope you have time to get your scrap on now
Christmas is over!!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥